Basic English Speaking

Master the basics of English speaking with Ela Study Abroad's program. Gain confidence, expand your vocabulary, and engage in interactive lessons. Start your language journey today and unlock new opportunities.

Personality Development

Unleash your potential with Ela Study Abroad's Personality Development program. Develop essential skills like effective communication, leadership, and self-confidence. Enhance your interpersonal abilities and make a lasting impression in every sphere of life. Join us and embark on a transformative journey of personal growth and success.

Interview Training

Ace your interviews with Ela Study Abroad's Interview Training program. Gain valuable insights into interview techniques, learn how to showcase your strengths, and master the art of confident and effective communication. Our expert trainers will guide you through mock interviews and provide personalized feedback to help you excel. Prepare to land your dream job with Ela Study Abroad's Interview Training.

Business English & Soft Skills Training

Elevate your professional communication with Ela Study Abroad's Business English & Soft Skills Training. Enhance your language proficiency while developing essential soft skills like leadership, teamwork, and presentation abilities. Our comprehensive program equips you with the tools to excel in the business world. Join us to sharpen your business English and cultivate the skills necessary for success in today's competitive landscape.


At ELA-English Learning Academy, we offer comprehensive IELTS preparation courses that equip our students with the necessary skills and strategies to achieve their desired test score. Our experienced instructors, personalized approach, and up-to-date materials ensure a successful and rewarding IELTS test experience.


Looking to excel in the TOEFL exam and pursue your dreams of studying abroad? Look no further than Ela Study Abroad! Our comprehensive TOEFL program is designed to equip you with the essential skills and strategies needed to ace the exam. With experienced instructors, tailored study materials, and personalized guidance, we'll help you reach your highest potential and achieve the TOEFL score you desire. Join Ela Study Abroad today and unlock a world of opportunities!